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Custom Staffing

Free work from home agents pre-qualified for you!

No job is too big or too small. Tell us what kind of agents you are looking for and we will secure them for you. We will pre-screen all applicants and allow you to re-screen them for hiring.

Business Enhancement

Customized Designed Lead Generation Funnels

Our services are designed to maximize your talk time and minimize your dial time. Target specific data and an inbound mixture of leads is exactly what your business needs!

Predictive Dialing

Simultaneous Inbound and Outbound Dialing Capacity.

Predictive dialing with a twist! While your agents are outbound dialing you can run an inbound campaign to increase your contact ratio. Increased contact means increased sales!

Services Offered

Enhance your business by selecting the services you want to use below.


With targeted data your leads will be responsive and ready to buy!


We have Vacation packages that can set you apart from the competition…save money and charge more!


We will give any of your customer a free 8/7 night vacation! No strings attached!


We can put you in contact with several merchants who specialize in vacations!


Our predictive dialer platform is sure to increase your profits and save you time and money!


Need reps? We’ve got your back…tell how many and what kind and we’ll make it happen!
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Real time reports for better stats

The element you see on the right is a Line Graph element. Customize it the way you want.

Our Predictive Dialer allows you to monitor and track in real time. Agents are only clocked in when they are on the phone or dialing. No more paying for agents pretending to be on the phone!

Our interface is color coded to alert you when an agent is on a dead call or how long they’ve been on hold or talking with a customer. Integrated with our CRM Software the dialer will actually track your cost, expenses, shipping, billing and profits!

An all inclusive system means easier accounting and budgeting. You can see in real time your money going in and going out! Our system also tracks response rates, conversions and over all customer statistics in real time!

Flexible Pricing

Jump start your business by selecting the services you want to use below.

Basic Dialer

$ 0.015 / Per Minute
  • $10 Per Seat Per Month
  • Out-Bound / Predictive Dialing
  • Inbound / Survey Dialing
  • Unlimited Users
  • Timezone Dial Security

Dialer + Agent

$ 0.025 / Per Minute
  • No Seat Fee’s
  • Inbound / Outbound Dialing
  • Includes Work From Home Agent
  • You Pick Your Agents!
  • 24/7 Agent Support

Dialer + Leads

$ 0.025 / monthly
  • No Seat Fee’s
  • Inbound / Outbound
  • Run Multiple Campaigns
  • Choose Targeted Locations
  • Enhanced Lead Analysis

Opt-In Leads

$ 0.032 / Per Minute
  • No Seat Fee’s
  • The “Game Changer” Package
  • Inbound / Outbound
  • 100% Opt-In Leads!
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Custom Analytics to help our customers

Use our custom user interface to track down all the info you need to generate a higher revenue.

No more worrying if your agents are working or not! With no limit line dialing you can rest assured they will be busy working instead of watching the clock. They will be too busy watching their production go thru the roof!

We utilize only the latest technologies to grow our customers business. With our exclusive proprietary dialer software we are able to track and analyze call center and agent performance. Creating Optimal Results is our Business!

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  • App Develop
  • Analytics
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